Ideas for Friday Breakfast at Work

By Lauren Griffin

With the weekend just around the corner, a Friday breakfast at work starts the last day of the work week off on a good foot. Coworkers can take turns providing the food, or (perhaps even wiser) each individual can contribute to a potluck breakfast. It is best to assign types of foods to ensure a well-rounded, tasty breakfast (and to avoid duplicating food items).

A colorful spread of breakfast foods is a treat for the eyes as well.


Fruit salad is especially refreshing in the summer.

Fresh fruit is a refreshing and healthy addition to a breakfast buffet for work. A bowl filled with apples, oranges and bananas lets diners grab a fruit to go with their breakfast. Fruit salad is another colorful way to serve fruit. Toss together slices of watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, kiwi, banana and other fruits. Include a bowl of yogurt and some granola so your coworkers can make a delicious fruit parfait.

Baked Goods

A variety of muffins provides diners with more of a selection.

Baked goods, such as bagels, muffins, scones and bread, are popular breakfast items that are also easy to serve on a Friday morning at work. Purchase or bake the items the night before and simply display them on trays the morning of the breakfast. Place a toaster nearby if possible, too. Also include a variety of spreads, such as butter, cream cheeses, jams and peanut butter, in small bowls with spreading knives so that diners can add whatever they like to their selection.

Breakfast Casserole

Include vegetarian options, such as vegetable quiche, for those who don't eat meat.

While many breakfast dishes like pancakes and waffles do not travel very well, breakfast casseroles such as strata with bacon and cheddar, french toast souffle, vegetable quiche or a hash brown casserole are more practical. Simply make the meal the evening before and warm it up again before leaving the house. The strata or casserole can be cut into pieces and served directly from its dish, promising a warm and delicious addition to the Friday breakfast.


Include decaf coffee, too.

Many people require a cup of coffee to get their day going. A work breakfast wouldn't be complete without a large urn of coffee, as well as a spread of sugar, sweeteners, cream and milk. Hot water served with assorted packets of tea and hot chocolate provide another warm alternative to coffee. Pitchers of water and orange juice are also good beverage choices for a breakfast at work.