Ideas for Candy Bar Sayings

By LaurenKrotosky

Designing your own candy bar wrappers is a sweet idea for celebrations like birthday parties or anniversary dinners. You can print labels on your home computer and wrap them around your favorite candy bar, making for a charming party favor. By adding your own personalized candy bar saying to the wrapper you'll add a creative touch for your guests.

You can design your own candy bar wrappers.

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You can create a rhymed saying for your wrapper using the type of candy you're working with and the event you're creating the wrappers for. Simple rhymes like "This chocolate treat is just to say/Thanks for helping my birthday" or "This coconut bar has sweet power/It's yours for coming to my shower." There are endless possibilities and you can even consider using words that rhyme with your name, like "Nancy" and "fancy" or "Jane" and "cane."


Puns are an easy way to make your candy bar wrappers funny and charming. If you're using a candy bar that has nuts in it, your wrapper can say "We're nuts about you!" If the candy bar has fruit pieces in it the wrapper can say "Fruit up!" This would be particularly funny for a business cocktail party where guests will be wearing suits, as the phrase plays on the saying "Suit up." You can also use phrases like "Let's go nuts" or "This party is bananas" for banana-flavored candy.

Name Games

You can use the guest of honor's name as inspiration for the candy bar wrappers. Print labels that have the name spelled out in block letters, with words coming from each letter that make a saying when put together. For example, for the the name Shawn you can print "So Happy About What's Next!" with the first letter of each word capitalized to emphasize the name. For the name Jane, you can write "Just About Near Excited," and so on depending on the name you're working with.