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Using plastic wrap on your stomach to slim your waistline can help you lose a couple of inches, but it is not a long-term body-shaping solution -- medical professionals agree that any positive results will disappear within a day or two.

In the procedure, plastic wrap is applied tightly around the stomach and the subject then exercises for approximately 1 hour or lies on a heating pad covered in a blanket to raise their body temperature. The rise in body temperature causes the subject to sweat. After removing the plastic, subjects can experience a feeling of tightness around the waist and loss of inches. The loss of inches or even pounds on the scale is due to dehydration. Once the subject has replenished the water they lost during the treatment, these results will disappear. In fact, the severe dehydration that can result from this type of treatment is dangerous. You could experience headache and dizziness or loss of consciousness, and if you wear the plastic for longer than instructed or exercise too vigorously, there could be even more severe consequences. Trying this method at home is an added danger, as extreme dizziness or loss of consciousness can cause you to trip or fall and sustain serious injury.

Furthermore, there is no evidence that any detoxification happens during this process as almost all of the body's toxins are filtered by the liver and kidneys, and do not benefit from extreme water loss. There's no way around it -- best way to slim your waistline is with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Banish belly bloat by eating a high fiber diet. Avoid carbonated beverages, which can cause gas, and lower your intake of sodium. It's also crucial to get moving. Step up your cardio activity to burn calories which will help diminish fat at the waist (and everywhere else). Ab exercises, like crunches, will strengthen your core and tighten your stomach muscles. And moves that twist your torso will further whittle your middle.