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If you hate the look of dark areas on your skin and want an even complexion, milk and lemon may present a solution. Milk and lemon can whiten your skin tone, as both of these ingredients have acidic properties that break through the layers of dead skin revealing smooth, clean skin underneath. Do not go out into the sun right after whitening, as acids will make your skin sensitive to sunlight.

Pour the juice of one lemon into a cup of milk. Whisk the mixture together and dip the face cloth into the cup. Spread the mixture all over your face and let it sit on your face for no more than twenty minutes. The citric acid from the lemon juice and lactic acid in the milk will work to eliminate the dead skin cells. The milk also helps to offset the lemon’s drying properties as milk moisturizing properties.

Rinse the milk and lemon solution off your face with water. Continue with your regular face regimen and be sure to moisturize your skin thoroughly.

Apply sunscreen before stepping outside, as your skin will become very photosensitive due to the whitening process. The best time to whiten your skin is in the evenings before bed time as you do not want to expose your skin to direct sunlight right after whitening. You should limit the number of times you whiten your skin to a few times a week as too much whitening can damage your skin.

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