How to Whiten or Lighten Skin - Glutathione

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Glutathione is a popular whitening pill that is used by Asian women most especially by famous Asian celebrities. I can say that this is really effective as I noticed that my friend is now blemish free and her skin tone turned lighter. Glutathione is an anti-oxidant composed of three amino acids (glycine, glutamic acid and cystein). It protects cells from toxins such as free radicals that cause blemishes and skin pigmentation. It is best to keep the level of Glutathione high in our body to strengthen the immune system, reduce the chances of developing cancer, protect us against heart disease and slows down the aging process. The known side effect of taking Glutathione is whitening of the skin. So, Glutathione doesn't only help you stay healthy but it also gives you a whiter, smoother and flawless complexion. Sweet!!

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How To Whiten Or Lighten Skin Glutathione


Glutathione can be taken orally. You can get these pills from drug stores or online pharmacies. After four to six months, you will begin to notice the difference in your complexion and skin tone.

Another way to take Glutathione is through an intravenous (IV) injection. Dermatologists prefer injecting Glutathione directly into your vein because it goes directly into our bloodstream. This is usually a 15-session process done weekly.

Keep your Glutathione level high by eating fruits and vegetables like avocados, oranges, tomatoes and asparagus and even walnuts.