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White bathing suits are great for spending hours in the sun. But, like other light colored clothing options, they are likely to become stained over time. Instead of buying a new white swimsuit, you can instead take some time to clean up the one you have. That way you'll save some money and avoid the tedium of shopping for perfect swimwear.

Purchase a bleach-free fabric stain remover and apply it to the soiled areas of the swimsuit. Substances such as sweat, sunblock or tanning lotions and dirt can cause discoloration. Fortunately, the enzymes and solvents in the stain remover can often loosen and remove these stains.

Create your own bleach free stain remover if you're out of stain remover and don't have time to go to the store. To do this, combine 1/4 cup liquid dish soap, /4 cup glycerin, and 1 1/2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Apply it to the stains on your swimsuit.

Allow the bleach-free cleaner you used, either the store bought one or the homemade version, to sit for five minutes. For extreme discoloration, you can let it sit for up to one hour in a tub filled with a combination of water and the bleach-free stain remover. After it soaks, proceed to wash it as you normally would, according to the care label.

Use bleach during your washing cycle as a last resort, and only if it is suitable to the fabric of the swimsuit. Check the care label for warnings against it. In general, spandex and nylon are sensitive to bleach. If you are unsure, skip the bleach in order to keep from ruining the swimsuit all together.