How to Wear Yurman Cable Bracelets

By Nicki Callahan

David Yurman is the famous designer of the Yurman cable bracelet. These bracelets, often made from gold and silver, are celebrated for their simple and beautiful cable design. Yurman bracelets feature a well-known style and in recent years have come to incorporate precious stones as well. Learning how to best wear these bracelets made by the award-winning jeweler will transform this subtle accessory into a statement.

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Step 1

Choose a Yurman bracelet whose design and material best matches your wardrobe and style. For a simpler look, choose a basic version of the cable bracelet made from the precious metal of your choice. For a more dramatic look, choose a bracelet with precious or semi-precious stones. Focus on colors that will match your existing jewelry and wardrobe tones.

Step 2

Determine the look you would like to convey. If you are interested in making your bracelet stand out while appearing understated, create a backdrop of black or dark colors with simple, straight lines. To add a splash of color, wear pieces, such as scarves or sweaters, whose color matches the stones in your bracelet or accents your choice of precious metal.

Step 3

Layer your Yurman bracelets. Show off a beautiful collection by wearing up to three bracelets at once. To best display these bracelets, wear your largest in the center with smaller cables on the outside. Have fun combining the stone colors or metal varieties.

Step 4

Pair your Yurman bracelet with other pieces of Yurman jewelry, or simply with jewelry pieces that match. Combine silver, gold or stones to accent the theme of your jewelry selection. Choose from earrings, necklaces or rings to make your accessories a head turner.