How to Wear Thong Bikini

By Contributing Writer

For most of us, bikini season can be challenging. Factors to consider when deciding on a bikini include where to shop, when to get the best deals and which style is best for your body type. It is also important to think about your summer plans when choosing a certain style of swimsuit. For example, if you are very active and will be spending the summer backpacking and hiking, a durable, full-coverage suit might be the best choice. However, if your priorities consist of lounging with friends, drinking lemonade and sunning yourself, a thong bikini may be a better option. Wondering how you'll pull it off? Follow the steps below to wear a thong bikini like a pro.

Step 1

Select your style. Evaluate your body type when choosing the styles that will be most flattering. This may mean digging through the contents of your underwear drawer and trying on the variety of thongs you have at home. It is important to have an idea of what you're looking for before you hit the stores.

Step 2

Start shopping. Based on the styles you have selected at home, choose a collection of swimwear that will flatter your natural attributes. If you look good in high cut, over the hip thongs, do not waste your time trying on low-rise, thick-banded thong bikinis. Aim for thong bikinis that are well made and will stay in place for the activities you plan to participate in while wearing it. Because thong bikinis obviously offer less coverage than other bathing suits, it is important that your thong bikini fits you perfectly.

Step 3

Seek a second opinion. Call your most honest friend and model your choices for her. After you have her approval, you are ready to wear your thong bikini. Remember, confidence is everything when wearing a thong bikini. Wear it like you own it and you really will.