How to Wear Makeup Like Marilyn Manson

By LeafTV Editor

When speaking of modern-day shock rockers, the mind inevitably wanders to self-made outcast Marilyn Manson. His outrageous looks have become synonymous with the taboo lyrics that have spawned his love/hate relationship with America. Many troubled teens have sought to emulate him, and makeup is the number one ingredient to accomplish this. Here is how to wear makeup like Marilyn Manson.

Marilyn Manson In Concert - Chicago, Illinois
credit: Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images Entertainment/GettyImages
How To Wear Makeup Like Marilyn Manson


Begin with a foundation that is either white, or an extremely pale flesh tone. The desired effect is for the skin to have a ghostly pallor. Apply the foundation to the entire face and neck. Try to include any area of the upper body that will be showing outside of a shirt.

Set the foundation with a white or extremely pale flesh-toned powder. For best results, use loose powder and a large powder brush. Apply liberally to any area where foundation has been applied.

Choose lipsticks and lip liners that are either bright red or in the deep burgundy (almost black) category. His latest preference seems to lean toward the darker shades, so keep that in mind when shopping.

Apply liner outside of the lip line to create the illusion of impossibly full lips. The overall effect should just be an exaggeration of your regular mouth shape. Fill in the area with lipstick and a lip brush.

Use eye shadows that are either black or deep metallic blue. Apply to the entire eyelid area, up to the brow bone. A layer should be applied liberally to the area below the eye as well. Smudge the corners outward using your fingers. Don't worry about the smudge effect looking amateur. It is supposed to look like it has been smudged.

Line the eyes with a dark black eyeliner.

Keep some pressed powder and lipstick handy for touch ups.


  • There have obviously been several variations to Marilyn Manson's makeup style. If there is a particular look you are aiming for, it is suggested that you find pictures of that look to hang by the mirror and use as a specific reference.