Long earrings are beautiful and elegant, and extremely fashionable. However, these earrings can also be heavy, weighing down the earlobe and causing stretching of the earring hole. Stretched earlobes not only look bad, they also increase the risk of future heavy earrings tearing the earring hole. There are a few ways to avoid stretching the earlobes when wearing long earrings.

Go light. Long earrings made from lighter material cause less strain on the earring hole, and therefore less stretching of the earlobe. Plastic earrings are extremely lightweight. Earrings with less detail or fewer strands weigh less than more intricate ones.

Take them off. Don't wear long earrings for longer than necessary. Put them on right before going out, and take them off as soon as possible after going out. The less time heavy earrings are in the ears, the less likely they are to stretch the earlobe.

Use sparingly. Save the long earrings for special occasions. When long earrings stretch the hole after one use, it's usually temporary. However, wearing long, heavy earrings frequently can lessen the hole's ability to return to the previous size.

Try stickers. Special support patches stick behind the ear to prevent damage to the earlobe and sagging. The stickers center over the back of the earring hole, and when the earring pushes through it, it stabilizes the earring and prevents pulling on the earlobe.