Water, corn syrup and sugar are the three ingredients that comprise fondant. Fondant is often used to cover cakes, candies and other sweet confections. Warm fondant becomes soft, and it is easier to work with than when it dries out and becomes stiff. When you warm fondant, it’s important to be vigilant so you don’t overheat it, which can cause it to buckle.

Things You'll Need

Place the fondant in a microwave-safe bowl and put the bowl into the microwave.

Set the microwave timer for 15 seconds on a “Medium” setting.

Stir the fondant with a spoon. Reset the timer for 15 more seconds at “Medium.” Stir again.

Touch the fondant gently with a clean fingertip to see if it is lukewarm. If not, reheat for 10 or 15 seconds and stir and test again. Repeat as many times as needed to warm the fondant.


  • Wear a clean apron to cover clothing that may release loose fibers onto the fondant.

  • Remove soft, warm portions of fondant from the microwave bowl and place on a clean work surface if it’s heating unevenly.