Smooth clean skin, toned to perfection, doesn't have to come from a salon. You can get an expensive spa look and feel with this little secret from the grocery store's dairy aisle.

When you're ready to take your makeup off, you'll have everything you need with about a half a cup of plain yogurt. Let it sit outside the fridge long enough to be room temperature. Put a towel around your head or put your hair up in a ponytail

Put a little bit of yogurt into your hands. Stroke it on your face gently, swirling it around as you go to loosen your makeup. Rub it in well and then wipe it off gently with tissues.

When you want skin to feel fresh and well toned, use the same little cup of plain yogurt. Let it sit out of the fridge till it reaches room temperature. For a nice feeling. warm it for just a few seconds in the microwave. Only warm as much as you are going to use, though.

Slather the yogurt on in a thick coating all over your face. Make sure it's thick enough to really cover well. Now go and relax with a good magazine or the latest bestseller or just lie down and listen to some relaxing music.

Wait 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse. You will need to rinse your face for a while to get all the yogurt off. Use warm but not hot water. Pat your face gently to dry. You will feel a new softness and see a healthy new glow. Do this whenever your skin needs a special treat - or when you need a little lift. At these prices, you won't even feel bad about spoiling yourself rotten.


  • Two ply tissues work best for removing all the yogurt and makeup. The thin one ply ones just crumple in your hands.