How to use the hair color wheel

By LeafTV Editor

The color wheel comes into play for people trying to change the color of their hair. The wheel should match a hair shade with the person's skin tone.

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Step 1

Color Wheel basics. Primary colors are Red, Yellow, Blue. Secondary colors are Orange, Green, Violet. Tertiary colors are created by mixing the primary with the secondary next to it on the color wheel. For example Yellow orange is a tertiary color.

Step 2

Complimentary colors play a big role when trying to tone out unwanted tones or enhancing wanted tones. For example if you are trying to tone out the warmth that occurs in a color use a cool tone (green base).

Step 3

Porous hair accepts ash & rejects warm. With this said those ends of the hair that have been highlighted 12 times in the past two years, will be difficult to take a color that looks natural and healthy.

Step 4

Know the base pigments of the hair color. This information is different from manufacturer to manufacturer. Call & ask them.

Step 5

Use the hot line as your hair coach