How to Use Olive Oil to Soften Feet. Olive oil has been used for hundreds of years as a beauty treatment. Today, olive oil can be used on your feet to soften and smooth them in the comfort of your own home. Use olive oil as a home remedy for dry, cracked feet and add it to your beauty secrets list.

Wet your feet. Use a pumice stone or skin file to slough away dead skin cells on your feet.

Wash your feet with soap and water. Pat dry with a towel until completely dry.

Get extra virgin olive oil. Buy a new bottle of extra virgin oil to use strictly for cosmetic purposes; using portions from your kitchen bottle will suffice, but it's not sanitary if the bottle is transferred between the kitchen and bathroom.

Find a clean pair of white, cotton socks.

Apply the olive oil liberally to your feet. Massage the oil firmly into your skin by using circular strokes. Pay special attention to problem areas like heels and the balls of feet. Include often-overlooked areas such as the ankles.

Allow the olive oil to sink into your skin for a few minutes.

Slip the socks on over your oiled feet by rolling the socks down and unfolding them over each foot inch by inch to ensure that the olive oil stays on your skin.

Sleep with the socks on. Remove the socks to find softened feet when you awake.

Repeat as necessary.