How to Use Milk for Your Skin

By Faith Lawless

The natural ingredients found in milk can help to exfoliate and soothe your skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple. Try it on your face, body or both.

credit: Paula Orlando
How to Use Milk for Your Skin

Step 1

Begin by placing 1 cup of cold organic milk in a bowl. If you have oily skin, use skim milk, but dry to combination skin can use whole milk. Place the bowl of milk in the bathroom, along with the cotton balls or cotton pads.

Step 2

If you are wearing makeup, remove your makeup with the proper makeup remover. Make sure you have removed all traces of makeup from your skin before continuing with the milk treatment.

Step 3

Dip 2 to 3 cotton balls or pads into the cold organic milk and squeeze out most of the excess. You will want to have the cotton moist but not dripping so your clothing won’t get drenched with milk.

Step 4

Apply the milk to your entire face, just as you would a toner solution. Do not apply directly to your eyes. You can, however, sweep the cotton balls or pads around your orbital bone, which is where you normally would apply your eye cream.

Step 5

Once you have applied the milk to your entire face, rinse thoroughly with tepid water. Make sure you rinse all of the milk from your face in order to prevent bacteria growth. After rinsing, you can pat dry and then continue with your regular beauty regimen of lotions, creams, and/or makeup.