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Corns not only can be painful but they also can be unsightly, causing people who have them to feel embarrassed about going barefooted or wearing open-toed shoes. Corns -- tough areas of thickened skin -- develop when too much pressure is applied on the toes, and the skin becomes infected. There are ways to reduce the size of corns that are not infected, and once corns are treated and you apply primer to them, you can use podiatry makeup to help disguise their appearance.

Eliminate the source of pressure on your toes by wearing shoes that fit properly. While this will not treat the corn(s) you already have, it will help prevent new ones from forming. Do not wear tight-fitting shoes; make sure that there's a bit of room in your shoes so that you can move your toes freely.

Sand the corn gently using an emery board or pumice stone before taking a shower or bath. Only do this if the corn is not infected.

Soak your foot in warm water and Epsom salt three times a day to help soften the corn.

Apply lanolin-enriched lotion to the corn and let it soak into the skin. Not only will the lotion keep the area moisturized it will also serve as a primer to help makeup adhere better.

Cover the corn with podiatry makeup. Concealers made specifically for feet are available at specialty retail stores. These concealers are sweat-proof and will not stain socks or hosiery.

Allow the makeup to dry fully before putting on socks or shoes.


If your corn causes pain or begins to leak pus, call your doctor. Leaking fluid is a sign that the corn may be infected. If a leaking corn is left untreated, it may develop an abscess.