How to Use Lipstick as Blush

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Some beauty products earn an honored place in the makeup arsenal because of their versatility. Lipstick easily does double duty as both lip and cheek color when you need a quick, healthy-looking burst of blush. Picking the correct lipstick formula can help to create a creamy smooth finish that works well with both dry and combination skin types.

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How To Use Lipstick As Blush

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To successfully apply lipstick as blush, choose an appropriate color and formula. Opt for an oil-based cream lipstick, rather than a matte, all-day formula. Creamy formulas blend naturally and melt into the skin most easily.

Opt for warm red-toned or peach-toned lipsticks without shimmer or an opalescent sheen -- both of which produce an unnatural finish. Bright lipstick colors, such as coral, cherry red and cotton-candy pink also work to produce a healthful, vibrant glow and mimic classic cream blush shades. For a subtler play on color, opt for a pink with nude undertones.

Start with clean, moisturized skin and apply your foundation before you begin. Sweep the tip of the lipstick on the back of your hand a couple of times to deposit some of the product. Stipple a fluffy blush brush over the product on the back of your hand. The brush will pick up small amounts of product so that the bristles are lightly loaded.

Stipple the brush on the apple of your cheek with gentle strokes. Once you have distributed the initial color, use gentle up-and-outward blending motions to soften the color over the apple of the cheek. Repeat this application process to build up the color if you desire a brighter finish.

If you need to blend out any stark areas of color, sweep a clean kabuki brush over your cheek to soften harsh lines and further distribute the lipstick.


If you are without beauty tools and need a boost of color on the fly, use your ring finger. Stipple the color on your cheeks with your finger until you have blended and feathered the color out, and it sits evenly on your skin.

Since lipstick is oil-based, it can move and disperse over the course of the day. Once you have applied the desired color on your cheeks, sweep a sheer setting powder over your cheek area to keep the color in place all day. Keep the application light to avoid a powdery effect. Alternatively, spritz your face with a makeup setting spray for all-day hold without the powder.