How to Use Jojoba Oil on Nails. The benefits of Jojoba oil have been noted by cultures around the world for centuries. Now, one of Jojoba oil's common uses is to treat and repair nails. Use Jojoba oil to revive and repair your hands and nails.

Select high-grade Jojoba oil. Organic oils boast higher quality and contain the essential oils needed for body repair.

Identify splitting or peeling nails or nails with vertical ridges. Vertical nail separation or splitting indicates a lack of moisture or body oils flowing to the nails. It may also signal an aging process you can help combat using Jojoba oil.

Apply Jojoba oil to your nail plate and cuticle by placing oil droplets on the nail and massaging it.

Coat your nails with Vitamin E. Jojoba oil helps clear a path for the Vitamin E's absorption and helps condition your nails.

Treat your nails with Jojoba oil and Vitamin E at least twice daily. Consider treating your nails more times a day if you routinely immerse your hands in water.


Use impermeable gloves while cleaning to protect your hands and their Jojoba treatments from chemical solutions that could counteract them. You may also mix Jojoba oil with Vitamin E if both are in liquid form. Mix 4 to 5 ounces of Jojoba oil with 1/2 oz. Vitamin E. Keep your Jojoba oil and Vitamin E bottles near the sink to apply it each time you wash your hands.