How to Use Instant Face Lift Tape

By Contributing Writer

On a Hollywood movie set, when they want a quick, cheap fix for facial wrinkles they use tape. It's not a long-lasting solution for sagging skin, but it can get you through a weekend with the girls or an evening at your high school reunion. There are a few such products on the market and they're fairly inexpensive and easy to use--and certainly much less invasive than a surgical procedure.


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Using Instant Face Lift Tape


Step 1

Buy a package of instant face lift tape at your local beauty supply store or online. Prices range from $5 to $25.


Step 2

Wash and dry the area where the plastic adhesive will be applied. Any makeup or oily residue will make adhesion difficult.


Step 3

Peel off the plastic backing on one side of the elastic band and place it just in front of your ear with the elastic band wrapping around the back of your head. Press it securely in place.


Step 4

Conceal the elastic band underneath the hair at the back of your head.


Step 5

Peel the backing off the other adhesive strip and secure it just in front of your other ear.


Step 6

Adjust the elastic string so that it is tight and pulls the skin of the face taught. Style your hair as desired.