How to Use Fabric Softener for Hair Growth

By Andrea Griffith

Many men and women alike wish they could have longer, healthier and thicker hair. There are plenty of expensive products on the line that claim they work but never do. Sometimes what stunts hair growth is pure genetics, other times it is bad products (over-straightening, too much hair color, poor hair treatments). A new trend for longer, sleeker, thicker hair is fabric softener.


Fill a cup with 1/3 cup with water. Use a plastic cup; therefore, if it falls, it won't break.

Fill the rest of the cup with liquid fabric softener (about 1 cup). Any liquid softener will work.

Take a shower as usual and shampoo hair. Rinse the shampoo out very well.

Pour the mixture of water and softener into hair and massage it into the hair roots.

Brush, very gently, the mixture out of the hair under warm water.

Style the hair as usual. Continue to do this every other time in the shower, switching between the softener and regular conditioner.