Stones or crystals help to balance energy throughout the body. Apply the energies of different colored stones to corresponding chakras to release blocked energy. As colored stones free blocked energy, the mind and body experience subtle energy healing. Accompany subtle energy healing with guided visualization or meditation.

Cleanse and charge your stones. Soak stones in a non-metal container filled with sea salt and water. The best time to cleanse healing stones is during a full moon. Place stones in direct moonlight overnight. Charge stones by leaving them in direct sunlight for four hours.

Place appropriate stones on the first or second chakras. The website, Beyond the Rainbow, describes the uses for chakra stones. The first chakra extends from the feet to the base of the spine and corresponds to black, red or brown stones. Place black tourmaline at any point of the first chakra to create a sense of physical security or safety. Use silvery-gray hematite on the first chakra to establish physical boundaries. The second chakra is located right above the pelvis. Apply red or orange stones to the second chakra to relieve guilt and to promote spontaneity. Place carnelian at the point of the second chakra to stimulate creativity. To reconnect with the earth's energy, use red jasper.

Balance chakras three, four and five. According to Beyond the Rainbow, place yellow stones such as tiger's eye or citrine on the navel or solar plexus to give insight on when to act on your deepest desires or to manifest prosperity, respectively. The Heart chakra is the fourth chakra. To encourage and radiate unconditional love, place green aventurine on the heart. Green and pink stones correspond to the Heart chakra. Use blue stones, such as turquoise, on the Throat chakra. Turquoise helps to gather allies for projects.

Liberate energy through your psychic (sixth chakra) and spiritual (seventh) chakras. Use the dark purple of amethyst to invite restful sleep and pleasant dreams. Lay stones for the sixth chakra between and just above the eyebrows. Use lapis to realize unconscious beliefs. Balance your connection to the Divine by placing stones on the seventh chakra at the crown of your head. White crystals and stones correspond to the Crown chakra and stimulate deep insights into your soul's journey through life.

Visualize healing. One you place a stone on the appropriate chakra, close your eyes. Inhale slowly. Imagine the color of the stone penetrating to the chakra. Exhale, visualizing healing color radiating out from the chakra into the world around you. As you continue to gently inhale and exhale, feel the color of the stone energizing your entire body. Bathe in the stone's light for twenty minutes. Crystals Bay recommends arising slowly from your meditation. Drink a glass of water.