By LeafTV Editor

How to Use Bronzer on Dark Skin. Light-skinned women wear bronzer to create a suntanned look. However, many dark-skinned women assume a bronzer is not useful for them. They overlook the opportunity to define and highlight their facial features, particularly cheekbones. These steps provide a guideline to use bronzer with standard blush.

Use Bronzer on Dark Skin

Step 1

Select an amber bronzer powder to highlight the golden undertones associated with most dark skin tones. Test the color on a clear spot on your face before making a final decision.

Step 2

Choose a large bristle soft blush makeup brush with a rounded tip. Use a large brush instead of a small stiff brush to prevent blotches or streaks. Stick with natural fibered brushes not synthetic ones for the smoothest application.

Step 3

Add bronzer to the large makeup brush by evenly swirling the brush in the bronzer. Remove excess bronzer by tapping the brush on a clean tissue or cloth.

Step 4

Apply bronzer to your cheekbones, not the cheeks, in light sweeping strokes. Gradually add more bronzer to create the color you want. If you apply too much bronzer use a clean makeup pad to blend the bronzer. You can also add base powder or remove some bronzer and reapply.

Step 5

Examine your bronzer application in the daylight as a final check to be sure it complements your dark skin tone and gives you a golden glow. If you miss your usual blush color, blend in a small amount of your favorite blush using a clean makeup pad.