How To Use Bag Balm On Your Face

Although originally made for cows, Bag Balm has garnered the attention of celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and received mentions in The New York Times and Glamour Magazine. The dry-skin salve has been around since 1899 with the original purpose of soothing chapped cow udders, but the lanolin-rich balm-in-a-box now has found a home in parched hands and on parched faces of people.

Swipe your hand across the surface of the salve. Bag Balm is stored in a small tin, and has the feel of a thick petroleum jelly. Swiping your hand lightly across the surface will allow your fingers to pick up a small amount at a time.

Apply to areas needing healing.

Smooth out the ointment over your skin's surface. Bag Balm will not absorb immediately, but blend the ointment as best you can.


  • Consider applying Bag Balm at night. Some customers claim that Bag Balm restores troubled skin overnight. Sleeping with Bag Balm on your face gives the product time to absorb, and its smell may be less of an invasion to your nostrils.