By Carole Ellis

Almond oil is believed to have many anti-aging properties, including the ability to plump and fill minor age lines and wrinkles. By using almond oil in a soothing lotion that refreshes your skin while smoothing away lines, you can not only repair signs of aging but also prevent further damage to your skin. Almond oil boosts the amount of moisture that your skin can hold, which enables your face to "plump out" its own wrinkles naturally.

Age lines and wrinkles can be caused by the sun, dry skin or just normal wear on the face as you age. Starting a beauty routine that deals with these issues early on will help prevent small lines from developing into serious, irreparable wrinkles.

Step 1

Melt the almond oil and the lanolin over low heat.Stir them constantly to prevent scorching, and turn the heat down if you notice the mixture beginning to hiss, pop or bubble.

Step 2

Add water to the mixture.This will help it cool more quickly. Do not move on until it is cool enough to touch.

The aroma of chamomile is believed to have many soothing, stress relieving qualities. Since mental stress is actually hard on your physical body and can age your face dramatically, the scent of chamomile is an important benefit of this anti-wrinkle lotion.

Stir in the cod liver oil and the chamomile tea. Once the mixture is thoroughly blended, you will have a light brown, creamy lotion that you can store in the plastic bottle when you are not using it.

Step 4

Apply the lotion to your face in a thin, even layer. To get the best results, massage it into your face so that you cannot see much residue from the lotion. You will not need a lot of lotion for a single treatment--probably no more than half a teaspoon.

Step 5

Rinse your face with warm water. Use your hands to splash your face with water rather than scrubbing it with a washcloth. This will prevent you from chafing your skin if you rub too vigorously and also allow the almond oil to begin its moisturizing work right away rather than being scrubbed right off of your wrinkles.