How to Use Almond Bark in a Chocolate Fountain

By LeafTV Editor

Chocolate fountains can be that extra elegant touch at your party, whether it's a bridal event, baby shower or office reception. There are several recipes available online to compliment your fountain, but one of the easiest methods of creating a streaming cascade of chocolate decadence is using almond bark candy melt. Almond bark is available at most grocery stores in a variety of flavoring, including white chocolate, peppermint, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

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How To Use Almond Bark In A Chocolate Fountain

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Set up your chocolate fountain according to directions.

Place water in the bottom of your double boiler pan, and heat until boiling. Keep at a rolling boil.

Chop up the almond bark into smaller, easier-to-melt pieces. Place in the top pan of the double boiler. Place the top pan on top of the bottom, which should have boiling water in it.

Keep the double boiler on the stove until the almond bark has melted. Stir continuously while the almond bark melts.

Once the almond bark is melted, add a couple tablespoons of almond oil to the liquid. It will not impact the flavor, but will thin the bark so the fountain can operate properly.

Pour the melted chocolate into the fountain, per the fountain's directions. The almond bark should sheet over the tiers of the fountain.

Serve with dipping foods. Some popular choices include sliced fruit, cookies and breads.


  • You can use other chocolate instead of almond bark in your fountain. Your fountain should have suggested types and mixing directions. Use almond oil instead of vegetable or olive oil, it will have little to no impact on the flavor of the melted chocolate.