How to Use a Tortilla Warmer

By Julie Elefante

As its name implies, a tortilla warmer is used to keep tortillas warm. Warm tortillas are softer and more malleable than cold tortillas, so you can wrap ingredients in them more easily. This is ideal for dishes like fajitas, tacos and burritos. Warm tortillas also have a more mellow taste that blends with the ingredients they're holding. Although the style and design of tortilla warmers vary, they generally work the same.


Pull apart all of the tortillas so they will not stick together. Place the tortillas in the tortilla warmer. Don't overload the warmer; the cover should be able to fit snugly on top of the warmer when it is full.

Microwave your tortilla warmer. Set the time according to how many, and what type, of tortillas you're warming. For corn tortillas, 1 to 4 tortillas need about 25 seconds, 5 to 8 need about 40 seconds, and so on. Keep in mind that warming times may vary depending on the strength of your appliance.

Remove the warmed tortillas from the microwave and keep the lid on until you are ready to consume them.

Eat the tortillas within 30 minutes to 1 hour. Use caution when removing the lid, especially right after removing them from the microwave. Hot steam will rise from the warmer once the lid is removed.