Sunbeam electric frying pans use a self-contained heating element to work in the same manner as standard frying pans. The electric frying pan replicates most cooking methods facilitated by standard frying pans, including shallow frying, boiling and searing. Also, placing baked goods on a wire rack and cooking with the lid on allows for the baking of breads and other items that fit within the dimensions of the pan.

Wash the frying pan using mild dish soap and water, then dry it. Plug the frying pan in, turn it on and adjust the temperature to the desired setting.

Add food to the Sunbeam frying pan and follow the same cooking procedure used when working with a standard frying pan. Do not use metal utensils on the electric frying pan; preserve its non-stick surface.

Baste foods in the frying pan using the tilt lever. Pressing the lever down tilts the pan and prompts the cooking liquid to collect in the corner of the frying pan. Baste items by using a spoon to draw from the collected cooking liquid and disperse over the food as it cooks.

Bake in the Sunbeam electric frying pan. With the cover on, preheat the electric frying pan to the “10” setting on the temperature dial. Add a small wire rack to the frying pan, place the baking pan containing the baked good on it and replace the lid. The cooking surface of the frying pan measures 15 inches x 11.5 inches; wire racks measuring 14 inches x 10 inches or less will fit in the frying pan. The wire rack allows heat to circulate under the baked good during cooking.

Cook pasta and rice in the frying pan. Add water and adjust the heat to the “5” setting and bring to boil. Add rice or pasta. Cook using standard preparation techniques.

Brown and sear meat using the electric frying pan. Searing meat creates a Maillard reaction—a complex chemical change that prompts amino acids to take on the properties of sugar and caramelize, resulting in a desirable golden-brown exterior. Preheat the frying pan to between temperature settings “8” and “9.” Remove the cover, sear the meat on all sides. Replace the cover, adjust the temperature setting to between “4” and “5” and cook to recommended internal temperature.

Shallow fry in the Sunbeam frying pan. Add enough oil to partially submerge the food item, preheat with the temperature setting between “6” and “8” and follow the same guidelines as when using a standard frying pan. Pan fry by adding approximately 1 tbsp. oil to the pan. Preheat to the desired temperature and use the same cooking technique you follow when cooking in a standard frying pan.

Clean and maintain the electric frying pan. Do not use the dishwasher, chemical abrasives or scouring pads to clean the pan. Use only mild dish soap and warm water. Thoroughly dry the pan prior to storage.