A rotisserie oven is a healthy way to prepare a juicy whole chicken as well as other meats. Rotisserie ovens turn the meat on a rod, which allows the unwanted fat to drain into a tray located at the bottom of the oven. Because of the constant movement, the natural juices are evenly distributed throughout the meat, which results in a juicy, tender portion of meat.

Prepare meat. To add flavor to the meat, marinade for several hours or simply cover the meat with your choice of spices and seasonings. Brush vegetable or olive oil onto the meat, in addition to any spice or marinade, which causes the outer skin of the meat to turn brown while cooking in the rotisserie.

Position meat. Prior to placing the meat onto the rods, tie up poultry and any meat that has been stuffed. For a roast or tenderloin cut, insert the rotisserie rods through the ends of the meat. For whole poultry, insert the rods along the sides of the backbone of the bird.

Set timer. Most rotisserie ovens require a cooking time of 15 minutes per pound of meat. To ensure meat is cooked thoroughly, insert a meat thermometer into two or three locations around the perimeter of the meat.

Remove meat. Wearing oven mitts on both hands, carefully remove the meat from the oven. This is done by firmly grasping the wheels of the rotisserie and lifting it out of the oven.

Clean up. Most rotisserie ovens are designed for easy clean up. Soak rotisserie rods in a sink of warm soapy water to loosen baked on pieces of meat.


Never leave the rotisserie oven unattended.

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