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Warm towels are a spa-worthy touch of luxury, comforting to the skin and senses. You can enjoy them at home without investing in an expensive towel-warming closet: Just use a rice cooker.

Add water to the main chamber in your rice cooker and turn it to the high setting.

Run a towel under tap water, fold it in half and roll it up in a long cylindrical shape.

Gently wring out excess water and place the towel in the rice cooker. Continue this until all the towels are lined up in rows in the rice cooker.

Close the rice cooker and allow it to heat the towels for about 10 minutes.

Turn the heat down to the low setting to keep towels warm until needed.


Fifteen hand towels or 25 washcloths will fit in a regular-size rice warmer. Add a drop of perfume to the water in the rice cooker to give the towels a fresh smell. You can also use an essential oil: lavender for relaxing, for example, or peppermint to energize.


Use tongs to pick up the towels if they are too warm. Continue to check the water level and add water to the rice cooker to ensure the towels do not dry out. Do not wring out too much water. A towel that is too dry will continue to dry in the rice cooker and dry completely.