How to Use a Rice Cooker as a Towel Warmer

By Sarah Davis

Warm towels are a spa-worthy touch of luxury, comforting to the skin and senses. You can enjoy them at home without investing in an expensive towel-warming closet: Just use a rice cooker.

Beautiful young woman in spa
credit: .shock/iStock/Getty Images
A warm towel can bring spa benefits home.

Step 1

Add water to the main chamber in your rice cooker and turn it to the high setting.

Step 2

Run a towel under tap water, fold it in half and roll it up in a long cylindrical shape.

Step 3

Gently wring out excess water and place the towel in the rice cooker. Continue this until all the towels are lined up in rows in the rice cooker.

Step 4

Close the rice cooker and allow it to heat the towels for about 10 minutes.

Step 5

Turn the heat down to the low setting to keep towels warm until needed.