Blending a beetroots juice

Hand blenders, or immersion blenders, are a handy gadget to have in the kitchen for making single drinks, pureeing soups in a pot or for small chores where a large blender would be an inconvenience. Some brands of hand blenders also include a chopping blade, making chopping small amounts of onions or other vegetables simple and easy, or a whisk for whipping egg whites or making mayonnaise. Hand blenders should not be confused with hand mixers, which are used to like table top mixing bowl units.

Basic Use Instructions

Assemble the hand blender according to the manufacturer's instructions. Most immersion blenders consist of an upper portion and the lower attachment portion, which are snapped or screwed together. If your blender is battery operated, be sure the batteries are charged before use.

Immerse the blender head into the pot, cup or glass.

Hold the blender at a slight angle and off the bottom of the container.

Turn the blender on and blend until the desired smoothness is achieved. If the pan is large, you may have to move the immersion blender to various locations in the pan to blend all ingredients smoothly.

When the job is complete, remove the blender attachment from the handle and wash.

Ideas for a Hand Blender Use

Combine fresh fruit, juice or milk, and ice in a glass. Immerse the blender in the glass and turn the switch to high. Blend until smooth.

Use the blender to blend ingredients in the pan for creamy or pureed vegetable or fruit soups and baby food. Simply cook the vegetables or fruits until soft, immerse the blender, turn it on and puree until smooth.

Use the immersion blender to make lump-free gravy. Combine your favorite gravy ingredients in the pan and blend until smooth.


  • If using the chopping attachment, pre-cut the food into smaller sizes before chopping.

    If using the whisk, be sure the container is large enough to hold the increased volume of the food, such as mayonnaise, egg whites or whipped cream.