Bronzer sticks are a makeup bag essential if you’re looking to streamline your routine. The creamy formula melts into skin without fallout, while looking more natural than a powder formulation. Whether you’re looking for a hint of sun or a full-on J-Lo glow, adding a bronzer stick to your makeup stash is a game changer.

Choose your bronzer stick. Select one shade darker than your natural skin tone for the most natural looking results. Opt for a matte formula if you’re going for a contoured look or have oily skin, and choose a shimmer formula if you’re looking for a glow.

Position yourself in front of a makeup mirror in natural light. Place the bronzer stick at the top center of your forehead, right under your hairline. Gently drag it around the edge of your hairline until you reach the top of your cheekbone. Repeat on the other side.

Suck in your cheeks and place the stick directly under the top of your cheekbone. Drag it down, following the indent, until you reach the corner of your mouth. Repeat on the other cheek.

Reposition the bronzer stick at the top of your cheekbone and drag it along your jawline until you reach the tip of your chin. Repeat on the other side. A “3” shape will be visible on each side of your face. This is the area that is hit naturally by the light.

Use a flat-topped buffing brush to blend the bronzer in with small upward circular motions. Keep the brush on top of the line you created with the stick, to keep it within the applied areas. Go over the bronzer once for a more defined and contoured look, or twice for a diffused, all-over glow.