By Errin Reaume

Brabantia, an international seller that started in the Netherlands in 1919 by van Elderen & Co., has several lines of home goods products including kitchen and bathroom wares. The Brabantia company sells three different wine openers, the Napoleon, the Classic and the Quickpull. Al three use the same mechanism and open wine the same way. All three of the wine openers use the corkscrew method, meaning you screw the spiral directly into the wine cork to pull it out.

Let the wine "breathe" or sit out for a few minutes before drinking.

Step 1

Place wine bottle on a steady, flat surface. Peel any aluminum coating or top off your wine bottle to reveal the cork. Brabantia wine openers can be used with red or white wine as well as other corked beverages.

Step 2

Line up the soft rubber ring at the base of the wine opener to the mouth of the wine bottle. This is to ensure centering so the cork is pulled out evenly. Turn the handle at the top to the left until the spiral has gone through the cork almost all the way. Do not go through the cork completely or you may get cork pieces in your wine.

Step 3

Begin turning the handle to the right, the cork will be pulled up with the spiral. Continue to pull until the cork is completely clear of the bottle. Remove the cork from the wine opener by pulling it down in a circular motion. Many people enjoy keeping the wine corks for decoration or craft projects.

Step 4

If necessary, wash the Brabantia wine opener with dish soap and warm water. Dry with a lint-free towel. Store the wine opener in a cool dry place.