Colorful vegetables in steamer

Black & Decker Handy Steamer™ food and rice cookers allow any user, whether a residential cook or professional chef, to easily use and quickly steam a wide selection of foods. The efficient design of the Handy Steamer line of steaming appliances---Flavor Scenter Handy Steamer™ and Handy Steamer Plus™ Food Steamer/Rice Cooker---includes form-fitted stackable bowls, several flavor infusing methods, a locking lid, timer-based settings and an automatic shut-off safety feature.

Pour cold water into the water reservoir. Refer to the "Steaming Guide" in your Black & Decker Handy Steamer's use and care manual to determine the amount of water needed based on the type of food that you're cooking/steaming.

Place the drip tray in your steamer above the reservoir to catch fat and other drippings and juices while cooking/steaming. If you're using the rice bowl, skip this step.

Prepare your food in the steaming bowl and seal the bowl with the cover. To guarantee the correct fit, make certain to align the special tabbed handles of the cover with the handles on the steaming bowl. If using the rice bowl, place the steaming bowl over the reservoir, add food to the rice bowl following the Steaming Guide instructions, place the rice bowl inside the steaming bowl, and then seal with the cover.

Set the steaming bowl in the steamer over the drip tray.

Turn the timer knob to the desired setting for the type of food you're cooking. Timer settings on the Handy Steamer vary from 1 to 75 minutes. If you're steaming a lot of food or desire either slightly undercooked or well-cooked food, steaming can take more or less time than the time frames suggested by Black & Decker.

Wait until the timer bell rings, unplug the steamer, and then carefully remove the steaming bowl from the unit using your potholders.


  • To steam or cook food under 15 minutes, set the timer past the 15 minute mark and then rotate the timer knob counterclockwise to the setting you need.

  • To season your food, prior to turning on your Handy Steamer, add herbs, spices or liquid flavorings/extracts to the water in the water reservoir the flavor scenter screen at the center of the drip tray, the steaming bowl or the rice bowl.

  • If your Handy Steamer has a bowl divider and you intend to steam two or more foods at the same time, place the divider in the steaming bowl before steaming, and refer to the Steaming Guide timer settings and additional divider cooking instructions based on food type.

  • Black & Decker has designed the cover to double as a "trivet." Simply turn the cover over and set the steaming bowl on it.