Teen Vogue is the teen girl's version of Vogue magazine, one of the top fashion magazines in the world. The magazine covers all the latest in the world of teen celebrities, style and fashion, and beauty. Subscriptions are often inexpensive, but subscribing through the magazine's website will result in an automatic subscription service unless you contact the magazine to unsubscribe. Keeping tabs on your subscription and its end date is the best way to avoid prolonged subscriptions and extra charges to your account.

Respond to the renewal notice you will be sent two months before your subscription term ends saying you do not wish to renew. Failure to respond to the notice will result in automatic subscription renewal, according to the Teen Vogue website.

Call Teen Vogue at 1-800-405-8085 if you miss your renewal notice for any reason. According to the Teen Vogue website, you can call this number at any time to end your subscription.

Finalize unsubscribing to Teen Vogue with a magazine representative. Have the person repeat back that you are unsubscribing if necessary, to avoid any confusion and to ensure you will receive a full refund for any unmailed issues. Call the number again if you are still receiving Teen Vogue magazines.


  • Teen Vogue will not send magazines to an address that is determined to be undeliverable. If your address is no longer able to receive mail for any reason, you will not get any more magazines unless you give the magazine a new address.