Things You'll Need

Take the amount of milk that you want to turn to powder–it’s best to start with at least 10 gallons–and put it into the pan of the vacuum chamber. Leave it in the chamber until a third of the liquid has been evaporated and the milk is composed of 50 percent solids, checking every 15 minutes.

Keep the heat at 135 degrees Fahrenheit or below; a higher temperature will make the flavor of the milk strange. This is because a high heat will scorch the milk and damage its proteins.

Remove the now evaporated milk from the vacuum chamber and place it into the drum of the drying tower. Close it and cap it with the spray nozzle.

Insert the now full drum of evaporated milk into the drying tower and raise it up to the full height of 22 stories using the controls.

Heat the air at the top of the Drying Tower to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Spray the evaporated milk through the nozzle using the controls. The milk will heat up as it swirls through the tower and dry almost immediately. The air will cool to about 250 degrees Fahrenheit as it falls; all that will remain of the evaporated milk will be particles of dried milk that can be collected and stored.