Checking meat

Troubleshoot common problems with a Weber digital temperature probe to prevent inaccurate readings or other operation issues. Weber offers a digital temperature probe with a wireless monitor and temperature probe to complement its grill line. After you insert the probe into your meat and select the doneness level, you clip on the monitor and walk away until you hear it beep. If you experience any issues with your temperature probe, troubleshoot it promptly to prevent over- or under-cooking your meat.

Reset both the monitor and probe if neither work correctly after you replace the batteries. Press the reset buttons on both units within 60 seconds of each other to synchronize and transmit a signal between the two units. Only reset the units after replacing batteries.

Place the monitor within 100 feet of the probe's location if you don't receive clear, continuous readings. The units must stay within this distance to maintain a clear signal.

Replace the batteries when the battery icon appears on either unit with a low level of energy indicated. Slide off the battery compartment cover from the back of the unit. Place the appropriate batteries in the unit following the polarity symbols. Press "Reset" and replace the cover.

Press any button on the monitor to stop the alarm from beeping. A series of beeps indicates the meat is reaching its targeted temperature, while continuous beeping means the meat is done or overcooked.


  • Insert the probe in the thickest part of the piece of meat to receive an accurate reading.

  • Run the probe's cord out the side of the grill to avoid crimping the wire, which could ruin the cord or cause an inaccurate reading.