How to Treat Throat Problems With Acupressure. The most common throat problem treated by acupressure is the soreness that signals the onset of a cold. The mucous membrane of the inner throat can become a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses under the right conditions. The following steps will show how to treat throat problems with acupressure.

Expect treatment with acupressure to make the symptoms of a cold to become worse at first. This is expected as acupressure can cause the body to progress through the symptoms at a faster-than-normal rate. Acupressure will not cure a cold but can help you get better faster and improve resistance to other colds in the future.

Identify acupressure points specific to a sore throat. The K 27 point (known as the Elegant Mansion) also relieves breathing difficulties, chest congestion and coughing. This point is near the breastbone in the hollow below the collarbone.

Stimulate point 13 10 (Heavenly Pillar) to treat a sore throat. This point also may be used to alleviate burnout, heaviness in the head, overexertion and stress. Point 13 10 is a half inch below the base of the skull and a half inch to each side of the spine.

Relieve a sore throat, bronchitis, chest congestion, dry coughing and heartburn with CV 22 (Heaven Rushing Out). This point is just below the Adam's apple at the base of the throat.

Use Extra Point 17 (Ding Chuan). This point treats general throat problems in addition to coughing, neck and shoulder pain, and thyroid problems. Extra Point 17 is slightly above and to the side of the vertebra at the base of the neck that protrudes when the head is tilted down.