How to Treat Hyperpigmentation With Licorice Extract

By LeafTV Contributor

Hyperpigmentation—the darkening of skin and nails due to high levels of melanin—can be a super frustrating issue for those who wish to have an even skin tone. Enter: licorice extract. Derived from the licorice root, which grows wild throughout Asia and Europe, this natural ingredient is known to have skin-brightening properties when applied topically.

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How To Treat Hyperpigmentation With Licorice Extract

How to Use Licorice Extract

Dilute licorice extract with distilled water and form a compress to treat areas of the skin affected by hyperpigmentation. There's no set dilution ratio, but you may want to start off with 10 parts water to one part licorice extract to determine whether there are any side effects or skin irritations. Pour the solution onto a small cloth and apply the compress for 10 to 15 minutes at least twice per day. Gently increase the concentration until you start to notice results.

Licorice extract can be mixed with other natural compounds to treat hyperpigmentation. Extracts from mulberry, raspberry, green tea, German chamomile, horse chestnut and grape seed may increase the potency and skin brightening powers of pure licorice extract.