Treating diabetes with acupressure is most effective with type 2 diabetes. This is the type that can be controlled with diet and exercise. Adding acupressure treatment can help a type 2 diabetes patient reduce his or her need for medication to treat the condition. Always consult a doctor before initiating any treatment for diabetes and never replace prescribed treatment just with acupressure therapy.

Talk to your doctor about adding acupressure to your type 2 diabetes treatment. Most doctors will tell you that acupressure will not cause you any harm, but you should also continue your conventional treatment. Get your doctor's approval before starting any acupressure therapy.

Lie on your back and expose your belly. Place four fingers of your hand just below your belly button. The pressure point just below your fingers is known to improve digestive function in the body. It is also supposed to make you more energetic and awake. Press the point in an inward, circular motion. Don't do this right after you eat or you might make yourself sick.

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Place four fingers of your hand just below your knee cap. Find the indention just below the fingers on the outside of the tibia bone. This is your shin. Press the point inward toward the bone. This pressure point is also known to improve digestion. Be careful as you do this, or you could cause yourself great pain. Use a gentle but steady pressure.

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Move down to your ankle, and place four fingers above the bone that sticks out. Be sure to do this on the inside of your ankle and not the outside. Find the pressure point on the back of the tibia bone. Press the point inward toward the bone. This pressure point is known to improve spleen function. This could potentially aid in insulin production.

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Focus on increasing your exercise and improving your diet. These are proven methods of controlling type 2 diabetes. Manipulating acupressure points can help your body with digestive issues that contribute to type 2 diabetes, but they cannot cure it alone. They will do nothing if you do not also improve your diet and get more exercise.