How to Treat Constipation With Honey and Lemon Juice. The uncomfortable effects of constipation have plagued humans for millennia, and it seems that all through history, countless remedies and tonics have been made to ease constipation--from senna pods and aloe to dandelion tea and herbal infusions. Another time honored remedy to treat constipation is honey and lemon juice.

Select a few smaller, nearly ripe lemons from the produce aisle. Look for a bright waxy peel and clean citrus smell. Lemons are a natural disinfectant and eating them greatly improves your overall health as well as helps to maintain healthy immune function and healthy digestive function in the body.

Consider buying locally farmed and harvested honey made from wildflowers or clover. Honey is a proven, powerful antioxidant and eating honey native to your region also helps to alleviate symptoms from environmental allergens and irritants. Check local farmer's markets or specialty grocery stores in your area to find locally made honey. Or, buy clover honey from your local grocery store.

Drink a cup of warm water or herbal tea mixed with fresh lemon juice and honey every morning on an empty stomach to treat your constipation. You want to use about half a squeezed lemon and around three tablespoons of honey for each cup that you make.

Continue taking this honey and lemon juice natural remedy for at least a week. This natural laxative should have you regular again in no time, and then keep drinking it to help maintain your overall health for a lifetime.