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Cold sores are irritating, can make you self-conscious, and there is no cure. They are very contagious, and one will most likely get cold sores from a herpes virus, also known as the herpes simplex virus. It's a possibility that one got a cold sore by a relative that kissed them when they were little, while the relative's herpes virus was active. Men and women get cold sores, and even though there is no cure, cold sores can be treated and prevented. When one gets a cold sore they will experience redness around the mouth area and an itchy and tingly feeling. One may even wish it away. Cold sores cannot be wished away, but they can be treated with home remedies.

Take one ice cube and set it against the cold sore until it is melted. This can cause the area to be a little painful at first, but will be worth it to get rid of the ugly, painful cold sore. Then take a towel and dab the cold sore to dry it. After that take a cotton swab and dab the cotton swab in rubbing alcohol immediately after dabbing the cold sore dry. Do this for 30 minutes to an hour and by the next morning the cold sore will be gone. Yes, the rubbing alcohol will sting a little.

Take Lysine as soon as you feel the tingle of a cold sore coming on. Use the Lysine three times a day and this should prevent the cold sore from developing in the first place. Lysine can be found at any drug store, health food store, or grocery store in the vitamin aisle.

Take a tube of plain flavored lip balm and a capsule of Benadryl. Break open the capsule of Benadryl and sprinkle it on top of the plain flavored lip balm. Take your finger and rub the top of the lip balm to make a paste from the Benadryl and apply it to the cold sore. This should dry the cold sore up on the first day and within three days the cold sore will be completely gone.

Replace your toothbrush. If you get cold sores often, your toothbrush can keep the herpes virus for days after your cold sore is gone, which in turn will re-infect you.

Move your toothbrush to another room. Toothbrushes are supposed to be kept in the bathroom but if you get cold sores often, just by keeping your toothbrush in another room can keep cold sores away and prevent them. The reason for this is because wet and moist places like the bathroom are nice and cozy environment for the herpes virus.

Switch to a small tube of toothpaste, and your own personal tube of toothpaste. Switching to a smaller more personal size tube of toothpaste is a good idea because toothpaste can transmit disease. Think about how often you put your toothbrush on the end of the tooth and then stick it in your mouth. Not only that, but if you share toothpaste with someone else who has cold sores, you will be getting cold sores more frequently since cold sores are highly contagious. By switching to a smaller tube of toothpaste you will remember to replace it more often.


Hand sanitizer placed directly on the cold sore also works great in getting rid of a cold sore. Keep the cold sore clean and dry. If it isn’t really bothering you then leave it alone but make sure to keep it clean and dry. Use ointments that contain zinc because they can help get rid of a cold sore. Witch hazel can also be used to dry up a cold sore. Protect the area where the cold sore is by using petroleum jelly. This will keep the area around the cold sore from cracking. Eucalyptus oil can be used to speed the healing process and ease the pain from the cold sore. Make sure you get enough Vitamin A, B, and C everyday. Vitamin A helps heal the skin which means it will help heal the cold sore. Vitamin B helps relieve stress, stress is a common trigger of cold sores. Vitamin C also helps heal the skin and helps heal connective tissue. You can also use rubbing alcohol and dab it on the cold sore several times a day. The rubbing alcohol will sting a bit but it will dry up the cold sore right away. Take a bottle of fingernail polish remover and dab it on the cold sore several times a day. The fingernail polish remover will sting a little bit for a few seconds but it will dry up the cold sore. Repeat the process several times a day until the cold sore is gone.


Do not kiss, eat after, or drink after anyone who has a cold sore. Do not share eating utensils, towels, razors, or anything used near the mouth with someone who has a cold sore. Don’t forget to wash your hands after touching your face as to avoid spreading the cold sore to other places. Avoid foods with Arginine in them such as chocolate, nuts, seeds, and caffeine because Arginine seems to help the herpes virus flourish. Do not touch your eyes after touching the cold sores because the virus can transfer to the eyes causing serious corneal infections. Always contact a doctor before trying any home remedy.