How to Tie a Corset

By Aksana Nikolai

During the early 19th century, tightly fitting corsets were viewed as a sign of a woman's social status and prestige. Today, corsets are increasingly becoming a part of mainstream fashion, with many designers drawing upon this classical garment for inspiration. Whether you are participating in a Victorian-era reenactment or would simply like to make a corset part of your wardrobe, familiarize yourself with the correct tying technique.


Step 1

String the lace through the two top eyelets, working from the underside. The length of lace that now connects the two eyelets should be underneath the corset, as opposed to on top. Adjust the length of the two ends of the lace by pulling on them until they are even.

Step 2

Pull the right end of the lace across to the second eyelet on the left side of the corset. String the lace through the eyelet and pull tightly. Repeat this step by stringing the left lace through the second eyelet on the right side. The lace should now form an X shape.

Step 3

Continue to stringing the laces back and forth between opposite eyelets, forming X shapes. Stop at the middle of the corset while the laces are on top of the corset, as opposed to under it. String each end of the lace through the eyelet directly below to form a loop. Leave both loops loose, as opposed to pulling on them to tighten.

Step 4

Resume forming X shapes as you did in Step 5, until you reach the bottom of the corset. Be sure that the loops remain loose as you bring the lace back and forth. Tie the two loose ends at the bottom in a bow.

Step 5

Tie together the two loops at the middle to remove any space between the two sides of the corset.