By Jenny Harrington

Loaves of homemade or store-bought bread freeze well, allowing you to stock up and save the bread for later use. Wrapping the bread well with foil or plastic wrap prevents freezer damage and retains the moisture in the bread during storage. Store-bought bread in its store wrapping may not require additional wrapping to retain quality during freezing. The bread thaws quickly once you are ready to use it, and the thawed loaves retain most of their quality and texture.

Most yeast bread varieties freeze well.

Step 1

Remove the bread from the freezer. Leave the loaf inside its freezer wrappings or bag.

Step 2

Set the bag on the counter, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Allow it to thaw for three to four hours, or until it's completely defrosted and pliable.

Step 3

Remove the bread and slice it, if necessary. Rewrap any leftover bread and store it at room temperature in the pantry. Alternatively, refreeze any leftover bread for later use.