How to Tell If a Pork Loin Is Done

By Nicole Fotheringham

Pork Loin is a delicious and easy dish that is sure to impress when cooked correctly. However, different sizes, shapes and oven settings make preparation times uncertain. Some people swear by touch, others cut open the roast to check, but release and lose precious juices in doing so. There really is only one sure way to know when your pork roast is done and that is by taking its temperature. A kitchen thermometer will let you know when it is done, and knowing this will help you make a juicy, tender roast.

Start the roast off in a hot oven to melt fat used to baste the meat.

Step 1

Cook the roast at 400 degrees F until it is browned, then reduce the temperature to 350 degrees F. Wait until the internal temperature of the roast reaches 150 to 155 degrees F. Use a kitchen thermometer to gauge the internal temperature of the pork loin roast.

Step 2

Remove the pork loin roast from the oven and cover it with the foil (shiny side down).

Step 3

Allow the pork loin to rest for 5 to 10 minutes. During this time, the internal temperature of the pork will rise to 160 degrees F. Once the pork has rested, slice and serve.