How to Tattoo a Butt. What better place to hide a tattoo that right on your derriere? Most people agree that getting a tattoo on your butt is fairly painless and easy to accomplish.

Think about placement. You may decide to put it towards the top of your butt, so that it peeks out when wearing low-rise jeans or position it lower so that it is only seen by a select audience. The size of the tattoo will be determined by, pardon us, the size of your butt.

Choose a design. This step goes hand-in-hand with the size issue. The type of tattoo you're wanting will greatly affect the design you choose and the design you choose will help determine the size required for the piece.

Determine size. How much space do you want to cover? If you're working on getting a full body suit, then you're probably looking at something that will cover a large portion or even all of your butt. Or, you might be looking for something more like a cute little heart to share with that special someone.

Factor in the tickle effect. Many people who've gotten butt tattoos are surprised they aren't that painful and even more surprised when they find themselves giggling. For whatever reason, it's not uncommon to find getting a tattoo in this spot to be a bit ticklish.

Consider the sag issue. The effects of time, unfortunately, have an effect on a person's body. The butt is one of those areas that sometimes catches the brunt of the aging process. If your butt sags too much, that rose on your left cheek might look like it's wilting.

Follow your aftercare regime. It's important to keep fresh tattoos moist while healing and to refrain from wearing tight clothing or items that will rub your new ink. This can be a challenge when your new body art is located on your butt. Ask your tattoo artist if there's any special aftercare instructions he suggests to keep butt tattoos looking good.

Be prepared for a touch up. Depending on where on the butt your tattoo is located, especially those areas you directly sit on, you may irritate your fresh ink and cause some scabbing and color loss. Don't be surprised if you need a touch up if your tattoo is on the lower portion of your backside.


If you're uncomfortable having visible tattoos, a tattoo on your backside is the best of both worlds. You can still get a tattoo and nobody will ever see it, unless you want them to. Although more common for women, there are plenty of men out there also sporting a butt tattoo. Don't be offended if your tattoo artist shaves your backside before beginning. This doesn't mean you have a hairy butt; there are fine hairs all over a person's body, and the artist must remove them before starting. If you must pass gas while you're getting your tattoo, warn the artist. Avoid eating any gaseous foods before your appointment.