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Sinus pressure can make life unbearable and unfortunately, many over the counter remedies may cause drowsiness or other side effects that feel worse than the original sinus pressure. There are many alternative remedies for relieving the pain and pressure, including learning how to tap the nose to relieve sinus pressure. Tapping is a simple process that can be done anywhere and usually gives relief within 24 hours if done correctly.

Put two drops of eucalyptus oil and two drops of peppermint oil next to each other on a clean cloth handkerchief. Be careful not to get any on your fingertips.

Hold the handkerchief up to your nose so you can smell the oils. Breathe in and out deeply for about one minute and then put the handkerchief aside.

Using the index fingers of both hands, begin to tap lightly on the sides of your face below your cheekbones beginning at your hairline and following your cheekbone to where it meets the rise of your bone. Tap back and forth along the line of your cheek bone four or five times.

Tap the area where your cheekbone meets your nose for about a minute. You should feel a slight pulsing or tickling sensation along your nose.

Stop tapping in the area of your cheekbone and begin tapping with one index finger in the center of the bridge of your nose for one minute.

Repeat this process starting with step 2; the two repetitions should last five minutes total.


You can use an essential oil diffuser instead of inhaling the oils from a handkerchief.


As your sinus pressure begins to be released you may experience increased post nasal drip, so keep a handkerchief handy to blow your nose and do not take anything to stop your nose from running and clearing itself.