Take some of the salt out of store-bought potato chips to keep your options open while staying on your low-sodium diet. Many brands of store-bought potato chips do not offer a reduced salt option. By removing excess salt from the potato chips you will be able to enjoy the crunchy chips you love without all the salt. Take control of your salt intake by customizing your own lower salt version of your favorite store bought potato chips.

Wash your hands thoroughly with disinfecting hand soap and hot water. Handling foods that will be eaten without additional cooking should always be done with sanitary hands.

Tear off four paper towels and lay them out in two piles on a kitchen counter or other dry flat surface.

Pour a third of the bag onto one of the paper towel piles and smooth the pile into a single layer on the paper towel.

Fold a new paper towel in half twice and hold it in one hand.

Pick a potato chip up with your free hand and hold it over the empty pile of paper towels.

Brush both sides of the chip gently with a corner of the folded paper towel.

Place the dusted potato chip into a plastic zip-top bag and continue the process by grabbing another chip from the pile.

Change to a new corner on the folded towel or a new towel all together when it becomes oily and covered in salt.

Seal each plastic bag when it is filled with the reduced salt chips and store them in a cool, dark and dry place until you are ready to eat them.

Continue the process using fresh paper towels with the remaining chips in the bag.


  • Kettle cooked and deli-style potato chips are often thicker. This makes them well suited to staying in one piece after being dusted with the paper towel.

  • Potato chips with ridges are especially difficult to dust the salt from.