How to Take Essential Oils Orally. Taking essential oils internally can be very beneficial for your health and in some cases, more effective than aromatic or topical application. Only high quality pure essential oils that are labeled as dietary supplements should be taken orally. Impure copies can be harmful.

Decide which essential oil to use for the condition you are treating. Because essential oils are powerful compounds, seek the guidance of a licensed aromatherapist or other health care practitioner first. Even after the assistance of a professional, refer often to the essential oils user's guide that essential oil suppliers will furnish with purchases.

Open an empty gelatin capsule (available at most health or vitamin stores) and add a small amount of the essential oil. One fourth of a drop to one drop only. Swallow the capsule with water.

Add one drop of essential oil to a glass of water. Drink it.

Add one drop of essential oil to your meal or slice of bread. Eat up.

Squeeze one drop onto your tongue and swallow. Some essential oils have a bite so you should test an even smaller amount directly on the tip of your tongue first.


Many essential oils distributors have oils already packaged in capsules and sell them as dietary supplements.


Ingest only small amounts, as in drops. Only use essential oils that are 100% pure, have gone through one distillation process and are labeled as dietary supplements.