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Wheat bran and wheat germ aren't exactly ingredients with the flash and pizazz to turn the culinary world on its ear any time soon with excitement, but they've given folks who eat low-carb reason to celebrate. Bulk ingredients, such as wheat bran and wheat germ, fill the void created when you omit starches in low-carb baked goods. In baking and pastry arts, wheat bran and wheat germ are considered volume-for-volume substitutions, or ingredients you can use interchangeably it you substitute an equal amount of one for the other. When substituting wheat germ for wheat bran, measure by volume, not weight.

Note the amount of wheat bran needed in the recipe.

Measure out the same amount of wheat germ as what is required by the recipe for wheat bran.

Add the wheat germ to the recipe when the instructions call for it. No further adjustments are needed to the recipe.


Toast wheat bran in a dry saute pan for 1 to 2 minutes to impart a smoky, nutty aroma. Let the wheat bran cool completely before using it in a recipe.

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