How to Substitute Applesauce for One Apple

By Nathan Joseph

Applesauce makes an effective alternative for those who cannot eat an apple or those looking to ensure they get enough fruit in their diet. Small children and seniors with dentures may have problems eating apples, as they are tough to bite into. Fortunately, replacing your daily apple intake with applesauce can be done with an easy-to-use calculation.

One medium-sized apple is equivalent to 3 oz. applesauce.

Step 1

Open applesauce container. Spoon applesauce into the measuring cup.

Step 2

Spoon in enough so that it is roughly at the 3-oz. mark. Gently shake the measuring cup to level the sauce.

Step 3

Adjust the amount of applesauce by spooning more in or out until it is exactly at 3 oz. This is one apple's worth of sauce.